About Us

why choose us


We may have the best rates in the industry.


We have a very quick turn around time.


We can provide your money by check, same day wire, or Western Union.


Our plaintiff’s lawyers on our underwriting team can speak the language of your lawyer and understand your case very quickly.


Our application process is quick, simply and easy.


Our company is not run by bankers who charge outrageous interest rates and are unsympathetic to your concerns.

How we can help you

We provide nonrecourse living expenses advances against settlements so in other words if you and your attorney do not recover any money you will not owe us any money. We make money available for living expenses at some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our monthly maintenance fee amounts to approx. 2% of the principle in most cases. We believe those rates are some of the best in the industry. You have been injured and the bills are piling up and you don’t know where to go. Helping Hands can provide you money to live on so you can survive the insurance industry starvation tactics. If your attorney does not recover any money you will not owe us any money. Compare the charges in the chart below from a traditional lending company who would charge 3% monthly compound compared to our 2% simple maintenance fee rates. (Attach chart here) You have a client that needs money and are you are being bombarded by the client’s request for money and contacts for some loan shark funding company that wants 3.5% monthly compound. On a case that winds us costing the client more then what the case is worth and the client tells you to go to trial because they are not getting any money and the client fails to recognize that they have already spent their money through settlement funding. At Helping Hands Capital we understand that this is nothing more then loan sharks preying upon your client and we want to convey sincerely to you as a personal injury lawyer as we can that it is never our intention to place you or your client in a bad spot for settlement funding. Cases are funded based upon merit. Cases are funded based upon what are appropriate and necessary living expenses for the client that will not jeopardize the case on the front end or the back end. We have plaintiff’s lawyers who are part of our underwriting committee who will call and speak personally with you regarding the case and the circumstances in each case in order to help make the best decision for your client.