Our Rates

The rates at Helping Hands may well be the most competitive rates in the industry.

There is an initial processing fee of a minimum of $500.00. After that there is simply a flat fee per month.

The flat fee per month is normally 2% of the total amount of the advance. So for example if you had an advance of $10,000, the amount you would owe would be $200.00 per month and at the end of three years you would owe $18,200.

Other settlement funders usually have interest rates ranging from 3% monthly compound so the same note and same advance from Helping Hands for 36 months would only cost you $18,200 would cost you over $30,000 from a competitive lender.

To apply please download our application form below, fill it out and forward to your attorney to complete and then have your attorney forward it to our office. The applications are processed within 48 hours.

Helping Hands is a company committed to helping people who have been injured. Bankers who look for bottom lines do not run our company. Plaintiff’s lawyers who are deeply committed to the cause of helping people oversee the entire review process.